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Hello All,

my apologies to all who have tried to contact me via email these last 2 months (Dec/15-Jan/16)  my hosted mail server is broken.

Please send your e messages to fchepil at yah00 dot CA  (yes I intentional wrote my email long  hand so that bots cannot spam my email account) or please call me to discuss our puppy reservation list or spring training dates.

I discovered recently that my website had been hacked and today I learned that my emails not working!  not sure how long this has been going on exactly, but I know things got quiet before Christmas and I assumed it was the season.   Now I realize that it was the malicious code hackers embedded into my website; preventing people from finding my site as well the fact these hackers hijacked the server my website was being hosted on.  What Monsters!  needless to say I have moved my website to a better service provider and will soon have my email working again…by January 20th I hope.

Nitro is looking very pregnant and I look forward to sharing updates and pictures as she nears the final weeks of her pregnancy before the pups arrive.


Dog Days of Summer

Dogs on Chain Gang, Summer 2015
An Orderly Chain gang! Even the English Setter pup at 10 weeks of age learned to accept being restrained while the other dogs got to play.

Its hard to believe we are nearing the end of August and smells of Fall are beginning to fill the air!  This summer was a busy one around our home as we worked and trained a few dogs through June -August.  Some days we had to wait till 9pm to train as the heat was unbearable.  Early mornings were good, and by 8am things were already starting to warm up.  Our training regime included what the Pro’s call yard work, conditioning (running dogs a few miles to increase stamina and overall muscle tone), and of course bird work.

It was a real treat to work with a few different breeds this summer and different personalities of dogs.  Each had its own strength and challenge.  Some were physical limitations, but most were deeper psychological challenges.   I learned a lot about each dog as they learned what was expected of them and what the rules were of each game they were introduced to.  Some dogs progressed quicker than others, but in the end all dogs learned what was expected of them when upland hunting,  when living in the house, and when on the chain gang with other dogs awaiting there turn to train.

Over the course of the summer I witnessed a maturing and learning of the quarry by the dogs.  A great test for the dogs was when they had proven to be trustworthy on Pigeons, I put out some chukar’s out and watched as they applied what they learned with the Pigeons to the liberated birds.  All the dogs arrived at what I would call a “started” and “green broke” stage in their training.  Dogs ready to have their skills applied to the hunting arena on wild birds.

Louis, a 14mth old Gordon Setter holding point and not sitting or laying down!!! what a day that was when he started staying on all fours :)

A great sign the dogs were ready to be run on wild birds was when they would stop and relocate themselves at the slightest scent of birds, this cautious behavior demonstrated that they were aware of the bird, and did not want to spook the bird, understanding that there was a balance between being to close, causing the bird to fly away, and to far away and the bird running off.   The next level of trust and understanding was when the dogs would allow me to walk in to flush the bird;  instead of viewing me as a competitor, and charging in to get it before me.   They understood I was  a partner and waited for me to flush the bird and allowing me to provide the reward of a shot bird.

Nitro stays on point, while I go out and flush the bird.

Hershey Placed in Calgary home

Hershey a German Wirehaired Pointer
Hershey a German Wirehaired Pointer (Nitro x Knucklez 2014 litter)

Hershey has been SOLD

Height: 26″
Weight: 60lbs”
Coat: Combination Dense and short on back and saddle, longer on chest shoulders, and legs.

Hershey,  8 month old (as of Feb 2, 2015) CKC Reg’d German Wirehair Pointer available to a hunting home only; he is from working dog blood lines and needs the chance to show off his God given talents regularly or he will find projects for himself.

Hershey was placed with a pet family, but he was not a good fit for their home.  Hershey came back to us at 7mths of age and was full of himself, he thought he was a human and could do whatever he wanted when he wanted.  In short time we have had him he has learned his place in our home, he has learned to respect the cats, and leave the senior dogs alone, not jump up on us, sit, down, here (call by name and 2 toots on whistle).

He is also learning Whoa, as well as starting to learn some retrieving work.  Hershey is learning to use his nose and is gaining confidence with exploring new terrain in search of new smells.  This boy is built for running and will have no difficulties exploring rolling hills in search of sharptail and huns.

Hershey is currently kept in the house and an outdoor run with an insulated dog house.  When we are home he is in the house with us when we can keep tabs on him.  During feeding times he is fed in his crate, at night he is placed in the outside run or in his crate (on winter nights when temps are -30C or colder,  he is kept indoors).

Hershey is at his best when provided regular outings and people time.  He currently gets to go for 2 mile runs/hunts with our other dogs 3x week, locations varied, but always some location where he has a chance to smell and explore other scents or find game.  When granted these outings he is not a rowdy house dog stirring the pot, with our other pup; but a relaxed canine citizen.

Call to discuss further details about Hershey.

German Wirehaired Pointer Pups at 8 months age

Here is a few photos of the pups from our 2014 litter from Knucklez x Nitro Breeding:


HERSHEY, Tall boy like his dad. Tight coat on back like his mom, with feathering on legs n chest like his  dad.


Kaos, once the smallest pup now a solid boy with moms compact solid frame. Tightest densest coat of the litter. Burr free in the uplands!


Bolt a tall female with a good mix of mom n dads features.


Rose, a female with a nice frame and a great coat for late season and the marsh.

German Wirehair Pups – 4 weeks old and growing quickly


Its amazing how much changes in 1 week in a pups life!  Last week the pups got to explore the grass for the first time and were starting to eat coarser mash (puppy food soaked in goats milk)  This week pups are eating puppy kibble softened in water and not blended.  The pups are also drinking milk from a dish freely now as well.  When we are home the pups are placed in an outdoor Kennel and given a chance to explore and the surrounding grounds.  Its amazing how a few outings have brought out more of the pups personalities.  All are confident and carry their tails high in the air, tails wag with excitement when playing with each other.  Some try to play, others follow the adults dogs and a few are now picking up and carrying soft objects!  Check out our puppy photo gallery to see some of the pups exploring the outdoors.