German Wirehaired Pointer Pups at 8 months age

Here is a few photos of the pups from our 2014 litter from Knucklez x Nitro Breeding:


HERSHEY, Tall boy like his dad. Tight coat on back like his mom, with feathering on legs n chest like his  dad.


Kaos, once the smallest pup now a solid boy with moms compact solid frame. Tightest densest coat of the litter. Burr free in the uplands!


Bolt a tall female with a good mix of mom n dads features.


Rose, a female with a nice frame and a great coat for late season and the marsh.

German Wirehair Pups – 4 weeks old and growing quickly


Its amazing how much changes in 1 week in a pups life!  Last week the pups got to explore the grass for the first time and were starting to eat coarser mash (puppy food soaked in goats milk)  This week pups are eating puppy kibble softened in water and not blended.  The pups are also drinking milk from a dish freely now as well.  When we are home the pups are placed in an outdoor Kennel and given a chance to explore and the surrounding grounds.  Its amazing how a few outings have brought out more of the pups personalities.  All are confident and carry their tails high in the air, tails wag with excitement when playing with each other.  Some try to play, others follow the adults dogs and a few are now picking up and carrying soft objects!  Check out our puppy photo gallery to see some of the pups exploring the outdoors.

German Wirehair Pointer Pups 3 weeks old and packing a punch!

The pups are continuing to pack on the weight and get more forceful with the feeding. Mama is getting tired of being tackled by the mob of 8 hungry pups, but she is obedient and lies down and lets them feed, despite the discomfort of the pups emerging teething chomping on her nipples. The average weight of the pups is just over 4lbs 2oz. The last 3 days the pups have been trying to find their place in the pack. Tails are held high while grabbing each others nape of their kins necks and shaking or out right pushing the other pup over and climbing on top. Pups are now supplemented with puppy formula in addition to their regular feeding off mama. Pups will get a chance to explore our back yard once they are eating mash and I can deworm them, sometime this week.


German Wirehair Pointer Pups discover their vocal cords

Well its amazing how quickly our furry bundle of joys are developing.  last week they began opening their eyes and discovered their wobbly legs.  This week they are much more mobile and also discovered who to growl, yep, bark and of course whine when mama does come feed them right away.  The pups wirehair coats continue to darken and ticking is now appearing on the puppies legs.  It looks like a few pups will have a Roan coat color with patching(like the Sire) and other will be ticked with patching(like the Dam).  Another week and we will have the pups out exploring on the grass.  Its been really cold and wet the last week here and not the best weather to get pups outside in.