About Us

Tarquin, a Nitro xKnucklez pup mets mom at 1.5yrs of Age.

Clockwise: Nitro our dam, myself, and Tarquin, a Nitro x Knucklez pup at 1.5yrs of age.

We are a small Kennel located in Dugald, Manitoba. 45Min from the Winnipeg International Airport. We are also 1hr North of US Border and 2hrs from GrandForks ND, so we are able to ship pups to most places in Canada/US.

We have owned dogs most of our lives and Versatile Gun dogs the last 15yrs. I have been hunting behind Wirehaired dogs for the last 12yrs. My passion is bird hunting, whether uplands, grouse woods, goose fields, or the marsh. I live for getting my dogs out on birds. Jesse was my first wirecoated dog a Germain Pudelpointer, who help forge my love for wirehaired dogs. Whether in the field, or in the marsh he always found, pointed, and retrieved game for me. that double coat came in handy in late season hunts in the marsh and in our annual winter pheasant hunt.

Dakota Rose Nitrous is our brood Dam and I have had the pleasure of hunting Nitro in North Dakota, Montana and Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and South Dakota to date. She has really come into her own on Pheasants which are a challenging bird for dogs to pin down without spooking. In the marsh she really shines as well, always eager to get out and retrieve downed game, happily bringing it to you.