Link Vom Rainmaker

Link Vom Rainmaker with Late Season Rooster

Weight: 65lbs Height: 25.5″ Whelped: JANUARY 13, 2013
Coat: Dense Harsh(NAVHDA Assessment)
Color: Black Roan
VGNA and NAVHDA Registered

Link aka Ruger, comes from a well established kennel owned and operated by Ned Sorely. Ruger abounds with natural ability and a desire to cooperate with his owner; a great combination, given Ruger’s tireless and fearless work ethic. If Ruger suspects there is a pheasant in the middle of a thorn bush he will work his way into it until he finds the bird; regardless of the cuts and scratches inflicted upon him. Similarly he will plow thru miles of Cattails in pursuit of every pheasant that may be hunkered down deep in the cattail slew. Once Ruger is on a bird/game he will hold the bird until its flushed, then he will eagerly bring it back to his handler. when hunting with other dogs, which he does regularly, he will honor another dogs point, and if he does not get the retrieve, will respect the other dog. Ruger is a closer working dog, but will range out to 100yds in open cover, always being aware of his relationship to the handler and gun.

Link_vom_Rainmaker NAVHDA Pedigree