Planned Litters

Dakota Rose Nitrous(Nitro) x Link vom Rainmaker(Ruger) “D” litter Expected Whelp date of March 8 2018 and pups ready to go home by 1st Week of May.  If your interested in a pup, please email us the following:

  • Full contact information and Alternate phone #
  • Where you live and whether you live in an urban area or rural.
  • What type of dogs you have owned.
  • What type of hunting you do and how often.
  • Family situation; Single, Partnered, Family with Kids, etc.
  • Current activity level (Do you have time to raise a pup for the next few months?)

Litter size can vary, and as a result I limit the number of people I accept deposits from(reserve list) so I can assure those who I accept deposits from get a puppy.  Remaining pups are then made available to those on the wait list based on pups available and those who are still interested in purchasing a pup.

Pups will be NAVHDA Registered, have declaws removed, tails docked, 2 health exams, 2-3 dewormings, and initial set of shots if released at 8 weeks of age.  Any pups kept for longer will have any follow-up shots required if pup has not been picked up before the next set of required vaccinations.


NOTE: This will be a litter of amazing pups. Both Nitro and Link have great temperaments, harsh coats and tons of hunting drive. Both dogs love people and love to work. Ruger has a strong natural point and backing, works thoroughly and closely to his handler(75-125yds) with a steady trot and has no quit in him. In the goose/duck fields Ruger is a natural who patiently watches the skis for the next flight of birds to come in. Once Ruger is locked on a winged bird he will follow until its down and bring it back place it in your hand.
Nitro has explosive gait and when given the chance can cover alot of ground in the open prairies in search huns, sharptail or pheasant. Once on a bird she will slam on point with great intensity, if a bird is crippled she will slow right down and methodically track the injured bird until she finds and recovers it. In the duck blind Nitro is just as driven and first sign of a downed bird she will be in the water and after the retrieve, even big Canada geese are no trouble for her to tackle and bring back to shore. Nitro does not need an object to retrieve to go in the water. She loves to swim and will often swim 200yds+ off shore just for the sheer enjoyment of it. Many a time I have had panicking people rush to me saying my dogs in going to drown if I don’t get in a boat to rescue her! Nitro has no difficulty swimming for 60+ minutes, especially on hot summer days. In the home Nitro has an off switch and loves to bring you gifts; Bones, toys, balls, etc. She enjoys chilling at your feet and just being a family pet.